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With Edminify you will be able to...

Supervise your accounts

Your files are tailored to fit the needs of the school and parent body, with personal
accounts for each member. Convenient, efficient, and effective.

Prioritize your tasks

Your memos are lighter with Edminify’s expert team working with you to stay on top of your financial needs. Happy schools, happy teachers, and happier parents.

Digitize your documents

Digitize your documents. Your documents are made digital with online forms which provides you with immediate access to your files. Wherever you need it, whenever you need it.

Streamline your processes

Your backend tasks are outsourced and simplified with Edminify’s backend services. Say goodbye to stuffing envelopes and other recurrings tasks.

Organize your workspace

Your papers are conveniently stored and organized in one easy to use and powerful portal. Clutterless spaces and peace of mind delivered.

Maximize your time

Your time is valuable, and with Edminify’s software helping you stay on top of finances, you gain freedom to attend to other matters. To-do lists will never look the same.

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